What is Yooper Horse

Some of you may notice Yooper classes on our pleasure show bill.  Yooper classes were created to accommodate people who just like to ride.  If you don’t own or care to buy fancy show tack, if you don’t trim your horse’s bridle paths or fetlocks, or if you don’t want to spend a small fortune to get all dressed up to go “show”, then Yooper classes might be something you would enjoy.  But, what is “Yooper”?

Yooper Horse Rules

The horse should be shown in “natural form” without show tack or excessive grooming. The exhibitor should be in western attire. Clean, very basic/modest Western or English attire and straw cowboy hats are acceptable, but should NOT be regular show clothing (no rail shirts, chaps, riding jackets). No silver or bling. Horse may be shown in any type or style of tack or any combination thereof, any humane bit or no bit is acceptable. This is a “Working Horse” class and the horse should not be presented as in the “regular” halter classes. Competitive pleasure horses should not enter this class. Horses entered in Yooper Division MAY cross enter into other appropriate classes, but show clothing and show tack are NOT ALLOWED in the other classes, ie: Unclipped QH gelding may enter Yooper Halter, Stock Halter, Yooper Pleasure, Western Pleasure, etc., if horse remains unclipped, without show tack, and rider is not in show clothes for all classes.

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